Evans 9100 Vacuum Stand Provides Strong Hold


We have always known that our 9100 Edgeworker Vacuum Stand provides a strong hold for the user.  This allows them to put great amounts of pressure against the machine as during molding, shaping, or routing process.  But before we shipped our last vacuum stand, we wanted to push it to its limits so we had one of our people test it out on camera.  Check out the results in the video to the left.

As you can see, Jake was able to completely suspend himself on one edge of the material without cracking the vacuum seal that our 9100 Edgeworker Vacuum Stand provides.  He even bounced on the board to try to break it free with no success.

Of course there is a point at which the vacuum stand won't continue to hold, but we saw in this test that our 9100 Edgeworker will more than handle almost any tops size. 

If you want more information about the 9100 Edgeworker or to see it in use, click the link below.